Enterprise Development Programme

Monday, May 22, 2017

We strive to enable not only ourselves and our customers to thrive, but our communities too. That’s why we always aim to share our expertise.

A career in the culinary arts is more than simply cooking. It’s an authentic lifestyle driven by passion, motivation and dedication. Part of being a chef is striving to revolutionise the industry by using established techniques in modern, innovative ways. Taking the skills we know and modernising them will refine our craft and elevating the professional industry with sophistication and erudition.

Developed by the South African Chefs Association (SA CHEFS), the Nestlé Professional Enterprise Development Programme was conceptualised and designed by South Africa’s authority on Food and Culinary Education. The primary aim is utilising the CCE Skills Kitchen in Auckland Park to host Theoretical Catering Skills Training and professional Catering Skills Training at the HTA kitchens.

With the help of SA CHEFS, Nestlé Professional has introduced a Culinary Education programme that will further chef skills, build capacity, and certify a new generation of professionally trained catering companies. The programme also includes enterprise development and social investment responsibilities to assure each successful graduate and their Catering Company the Nestlé Professional long-term sustainability.

The focus of the Nestlé Professional Enterprise Development Programme is for us to play a positive role in up-skilling, guiding and supporting home-grown entrepreneurs in the field of industrial, commercial and private catering. We aim to enable candidates to raise their business standards, ultimately elevating the industry and encouraging employment.

Learners selected for this programme are set to embark on a life-changing journey of culinary education. Education of this nature is designed to improve the candidates’ skill levels, and positively affect their worldview, personal organisation and social impact.